Body to body massage

Body to Body is a sensual massage in which the masseuse uses her own body and a special hot oil to massage you. This technique was used in traditional, historical spas in Japan. The Body to Body massage is provided to both men and women.


Spa Treatment is a procedure in which the masseuse will take you into the shower before the ritual begins, providing a full-body peeling treatment and then using a very gentle foam to wash you with the slow movements.

Foot skills

If you desire a massage performer by the masseuse’s feet, this procedure is ideal for you.

Prostate massage

The prostate massage is a technique which you should try at least once in your life. It will bring you an intense pleasure, but it requires you to overcome your fear and preconception. Although many men will not admit it, it’s something they secretly desire. The prostate is located within the male pelvis and can be stimulated by both an external massage or internally via the rectum. This method is much more intense and, once tried, it will be craved again…

Light BDSM/Hard BDSM

What awaits you in this sensual and simultaneously highly arousing massage is quite difficult to put into words. Like every tantric ritual, this massage is based on experiencing pleasure. Contact with BDSM elements can provide you with a powerful experience and can help to release suppressed energy from the body, making this massage highly energizing.

In Tantra, BDSM elements are also used in a healing manner. The whole ritual is completed with an oil massage of the entire body, which serves to calm and relax. This massage is a ritual of pleasure. We use BDSM elements in a light form and the whole ritual is carried out as a massage. The procedure is conducted in this spirit, and it is solely up to you whether you choose the lighter BDSM version or a harder one.

Double Lingam

This is a longer or double massage of the intimate areas.