What is Nuru Massage?

The sensual art of massages has been practiced for centuries and is known for its relaxing effects with a touch of intimacy. Nuru massages focus on strengthening enjoyment and desire so that couples or individuals can achieve a satisfying climax in the most pleasant way possible. Nuru massage comes from Japan, where the word “nuru” means slippery and where this type of massage is considered an ancient erotic ritual often called “slippery massage”.

Nothing can be more intimate than a sensual massage, which is not just about touching with hands, but the whole naked body is used to massage and get to know your partner – body-to-body massage. During nuru massage there is an increase in heart rate activity and bloodshed in the most sensitive intimate areas. Nuru massage therefore creates the ideal conditions for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment.


60 min

2750 CZK

90 min

3350 CZK

120 min

4350 CZK